Discovering Wonder Led Us Here

Once upon a time…

A young girl and her military family were traveling the world — meeting new people, finding adventure, experiencing different cultures and learning the history behind new destinations. Little did they know, these early adventures would lead this young girl into an adulthood filled with exploration and a mission to help others find adventure. These adventures were the inspiration and early beginnings of World’s Edge Travel.

Our story begins with founder Jennifer Ginsberg, who, like many military children, grew up knowing that home is where your family is, not necessarily a house. Her family traveled all over the world — and although it wasn’t always easy, it was always an adventure!

Jennifer’s love for traveling continues to grow into adulthood. Her friends and family followed along as she trekked across the world discovering new places and cultures. She loved to share the stories of her many quests with the ones she loved. When Jennifer married her husband, a fun-loving explorer himself, they set off on backpacking journeys to Ireland and beyond -— solidifying their joint wanderlust and love for each other. They traveled the world for 10 years before having children.

As a born trailblazer…

Naturally, Jennifer became the go-to person for traveling advice, suggestions and planning. Having found success in corporate life, she never imagined that her passion for traveling would become a career. But with each helpful guide and successful itinerary, those around her would say, “You should do what you love! You’re so great at planning trips!” And the idea was planted.

After years of manifesting lifelong memories for her family, her husband and young twins, their friends, and their close acquaintances, Jennifer is turning her passion into an opportunity to help more people discover the beauty, liberation and thrill of traveling the world.

While you can find her in the lively tourist town of New Braunfels, Texas, in her spare time you can expect that she’s navigating new cities around the world with her family. Jennifer has discovered through her journeys that travel broadens the mind, expands the soul and revitalizes the body. Now, it’s your turn.

How We Live Out Our Values

We share our passion for exploring the world by planning, managing and fulfilling vacation dreams. It’s our commitment to curating personalized experiences.


Our work is only possible through the close relationship we build with our travelers. We collaborate on every detail to ensure your trip is not just a great experience, but a curated, personalized, personality-specific getaway.


We’re able to do this work because of our extensive traveling experience and years of assisting others. We’ve chosen travel destination partners that are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our travelers feel like royalty on their vacations.


Seeking guidance can be challenging — it requires a belief that you’ll be treated with respect and care. We value and honor the trust our customers put into the relationship by developing a full understanding of the details that make them and their travel companions unique. We respect the preferences and feedback our clients provide, because it helps to deliver on those preferences and develop a deeper trust.


Some businesses promise perfection. While perfection is a nice thought, it’s not reality. The world is full of unknowns. We are always transparent about potential challenges, traveling conditions and unexpected itinerary changes outside of anyone’s control. Transparency means we prepare our travelers with the right tools to handle such unknowns. As the saying goes, better safe (and prepared) than sorry!


The success of most endeavors depends on communication. Having a trusted resource you can communicate with throughout your entire planning and traveling process not only reduces stress, but it saves time and money, and keeps you safe. We’re here to help you every step of the way through open, reliable, transparent communication.

Meet Your Travel Agent!

Q&A with Jennifer

What are your favorite travel destinations?

This is a tough one, but I think I can narrow it down to two. The first is Hawaii. The last time my family went was particularly amazing because we brought the twins and stayed on O’ahu at the Disney property. Our kids still ask to go back to this day!

The second is Ireland. My husband and I went before we started our family. We backpacked and hiked around the country without concrete plans. It was a perfect vacation and a soul-seeking trip!

Do you have a travel bucket list?
Absolutely! It grows every single day. At the top of my travel bucket list are countries within Africa and Asia.
Do you have trips planned for this year and beyond?
Of course! We have plans to visit Iceland, Brussels, Norway and London! Ask me about them!
Do you have any domestic trips planned?
We haven’t done a ton of U.S. road-tripping and travel, but we’d love to this year! We have a list of quick three to four-day long weekend trips, and we hope to start checking them off soon.
Do you have a favorite type of trip?
That’s not a fair question! I love all different types of trips. Romantic trips with my husband, family trips with my kiddos, extended family trips with grandparents and aunties, cousins and uncles — and of course, girl’s getaways! They’re all so great for different reasons. It’s all about the memories!
Do you have any travel nightmares?
No! Believe it or not, the nightmare is more in how one handles change. I turn every experience (even “bad” ones) into something positive. It’s an adventure. after all! When there’s a change in plans, it opens up the opportunity for spontaneity and fun.
Do you do any volunteer or non-profit work?
Yes! I donate my time to Pink Warrior Advocates. Helping to fulfill a travel wish is an honor for me. Last year I helped a woman and her son take a Disney cruise, and recently I helped a woman and her family take a Colorado cabin vacation for Christmas.
What’s the best way for people to keep up with you?
I showcase all my travels, tips and hot deals on Facebook and here on my website! I would love for you to join me with a follow and sign up for occasional updates!

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