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How to Book Your Next Adventure in
5 Easy Steps with World’s Edge Travel

1. Fill Out Our Travefy Intake Form

The forms include initial questions to start the process so we can be prepared for our discovery call.

2. Schedule a Discovery Call

Once you’ve filled out the intake form, we will contact you to schedule a discovery call. In our chat, we’ll get to know you and any other travel companions. We’ll ask questions regarding your ideal destination, wants, needs, preferences, documents (passports, etc.), favorite hobbies, and the style of vacation you’re seeking — adventurous, restful, indulgent, etc.

3. Download the Travefy App and Review Drafted Itineraries

Once we have your preferences understood, we start curating your trip! First, you’ll download the Travefy App. Then, we’ll present three proposed travel itineraries through the app. Here we include relevant pricing, pictures of the destination and all the important details!

4. Choose Your Adventure!

Now, the fun part! You’ll choose one itinerary and lock it in with payment. Congrats! Your trip is booked and confirmed!

5. Final Touch-Base

A week prior to departure we have a final call to make sure you’re feeling confident, prepared and excited about your upcoming trip. This is a great time to discuss any final questions.

6. Bon Voyage!

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Why Do People Love Working with World’s Edge Travel?

Clients find value in our travel booking service because:
  1. It reduces the stress of travel planning, finding reliable places, good value, etc.
  2. It’s convenient. We handle the bookings*, so you don’t have to!
  3. It’s customized to your likes, dislikes, passions, needs, limitations, etc.
  4. It increases the likelihood of traveling and following through with plans.
  5. It builds travel confidence knowing you always have an advocate.

Our Answers to Your Travel Questions

How long does the process take?
The length of time for the entire process depends on the type of trip. For example, if you are booking a cruise, planning takes only a few days. Once the itinerary is approved, everything can be booked within 24 hours!
What are the general lead times needed to book a vacation?
  1. Europe: a minimum of 6 months out — the further out, the better!
  2. Cruise lines: one-week minimum. You get discounts the further out you book!
  3. Disney: 60 Days or more for availability.
  4. Last Minute Trips: we offer quick turnaround travel, however, it is destination specific.
Who are your travel partners?
We proudly work with travel destination partners that go the extra mile to ensure our clients feel comfortable and confident while on vacation. Follow the link to check out our travel partners. If you’re interested in a particular vacation company or location, send us a message!
What does it cost? How do you charge?
Unlike many other travel companies, we don’t charge a research fee. Suppliers have travel agent fees built into their prices. We make a profit by earning a commission from the suppliers we book. If we do not have access to specific suppliers, we’re happy to make suggestions on how best to save and book.
Can I book your services with travel miles or reward points?
Unfortunately, no. However, once we’ve developed your itinerary, you are free to book portions of your trip using your points.
What are the document requirements for a cruise?
We’ll walk you through the necessary documents for your cruise. These requirements vary depending on the departure and arrival ports. Generally, it’s a good idea to have a passport any time you travel off the U.S. coast.
What should I do if I experience on-site issues?
Clients can contact us from any destination or trip we’ve planned. For urgent needs, clients will get a faster response by politely communicating with the staff on site. If support is needed, we’re happy to communicate on our clients’ behalf.
Should I tip on my trip?
Tipping is an American thing. In some countries it’s considered rude. In others it’s welcomed. We’re happy to chat through cultural norms before your trip.

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